No reins, Full control


Horse Training and Riding
Ultimate self-carriage of a horse
(Since 1980)



Gladiator at canter(Flying change of the legs) May1st, 2005
Gladiator at Piaffe May1st, 2005
Photos By: A. Khaledi
Photos By: A. Khaledi
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Gladiator jumping a 4′ (120 cm) oxer in the course May1st, 2005
Photos By: A. Khaledi

Salutations to the horse, that exceptional creature and awesome feat of nature that has served us for thousands of years; making many facets of our lives easier.
I present this to horses all over the world who submit their power and exclusive nature to humans to be our magnificent sport partner.
The fiction of no-rein riding has effectively come true. The lengthy era of a horse submitting to having humans on his back while surrendering to unnatural and often harsh devices in their mouths that put pressure and hit on sensitive areas is over.  The horse no longer has to suffer to move where the rider wants.  The agony of stiffness in the head, neck and other parts of his or her body caused by the bit is over.  The horse regains freedom and unleashes his or her power under the control of the rider to proudly perform the gorgeous movements that are a feat of nature while enjoying life as our unique sport partner

This method of training and riding is dedicated:

To my mother(1920-1999) who taught me to be the best person I could be, to be always optimistic and to act intelligently.

To my father (1908-2006) who taught me to be honest, a hard worker and to be innovative and athletic.

To Iran, the country of my birth, for providing me with my education, for giving me confidence and teaching me how to create and accept challengesto always improve.

To Canada, the country I now call home, that allowed me to change the direction of my influence, that improved the quality of my life and gave me peace of mind.

I present this method of training and riding to all horse lovers, the riders, coaches and trainers all over the world who are wanting to learn and willing to try new principles.

Best regards Koorosh


What new has been done to advance communication with the horse?

I began researching about communicating with the horse in 1980. I reached to a theory based on discovery of an unknown part of a horse’s nature that you could ride a horse without reins. As a result of that theory I trained, Sam, who would compete without reins at 4′ (120 cm) jumping course shows and also dressage tests up to Prix St. George with good ranking and placement in both events. With the support of this knowledge I trained a second horse, an off-track thoroughbred for horse shows which competed in a Puissance show clearing 6’3″ (190 cm) but with reins. (The pictures are on the web site.) In Canada I trained a 16 hh thoroughbred off-track horse named Gladiator who jumped a 4′ (120 cm) jumping course on May 1st of 2005. He performs up to Prix St. George test dressage movements. This is all done without reins (as seen on the video on the web site). Gladiator still continues to improve his performances. According to my theory all was expected, but technically I had some problems bending and flexing Sam’s head and neck. I solved this problem with Gladiator. These were all good performances according to international standards as to collection, impulsion, straightness, flexion, engagement, rhythmic and influenced movement, etc. This theory and technique is based on scientific principles; anyone who is schooled in this method can train and ride a horse without reins while meeting advanced world class standards.

What are the results of this achievement?

  1. provides new knowledge and techniques for the sport
  2. advances communication with the horse
  3. provides a more fair atmosphere for the horse
  4. unleashes the power of the horse
  5. creates a more flexible, active and comfortable horse to become a better partner in the human’s sport
  6. reduces training time for the horse
  7. eliminates the long, hard time for the horse and trainer to adapt the horse to a bit
  8. reduces training time, without reducing safety for the rider
  9.  advances the methods of training the horse and rider for riding with reins

What are the projects for the future?

  1. putting together an equestrian show jumping team for the Olympic games.
  2. writing and publishing a book to train riders with reins to advance their skills and reduce training time.
  3. writing and publishing a book to explain and release the theory and techniques to train a horse to be ridden without reins and to train the rider to ride a trained horse without reins.
  4. establishing a riding school to teach riding without reins
  5. holding clinics all over the world as requested to improve the sport
  6. conducting demonstrations to introduce this technique to all interested individuals.
  7. training different breeds of horses to test their abilities to be ridden without reins.
  8. informing equestrian organizations world wide of this new techniques and knowledge.

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