Grand Prix & Olympics

Horse Jumping Training Program
for Grand Prix competition for National Teams or Individuals It’s about winning and perfection

Have you spent a lot of time, money and effort on improving your techniques and your horse’s training and still you are not confident about your performance?

Are you sure you are ready for an International Grand Prix jumping event ?
Are you stagnated in a level and you don’t see any improvement ?
Do you always feel that there could be still something wrong in the competition ?
Did you get a new horse and can’t reach to the top of your game on her / her ?
Are you stuck in a training program that seems to never end and with no satisfactory results?
Do you know how to fight fear and distress of major events .

I have a three month intensive program with exclusive and exceptional techniques for you
and for your horse to enjoy competing with confidence in a world class event and have fun
with a satisfactory result . No matter where you live .

If :

You :
– have enough experience of taking at least 4″ / 120cm jumping course .

– are physically fit and have athletic ability is good enough.

– are able to maintain a sensible mind set .

– have enough time and ambition .

– don’t fear hard work .

– are ready for a change , a progressive change which nobody is late for , We can do it together .

Your horse :

– is totally sound .

– is around 17hh .

– has athletic conformation .

– has enough athletic ability .

– has enough jumping experience .

E-mail me for details and if you don’t meet one or few of the above conditions, you still have a chance by taking more training, so you are welcome to contact me.
The cost for this program begins at $50,000 .

Do you have still some good days and some down days?

Are you still upset with your performance sometimes?

Do you balance on the reins?

Do you balance on the horse’s neck over the jump?

Do you fall behind the movement?

Do you bump on the horse on landing?

Do you know how to have your horse fit?

Are you still thinking of changing the bit?

Does your horse bump the jump?

Does your horse rush to the jump?

Does your horse lose her / his impulsion?

Does your horse lose her / his forward movement?

Does your horse lose her / his right frame?

Does your horse balance on your hands?

Does your horse move her / his head and neck up and down?

Does your horse have problem in combinations?

Does your horse pull the rein?

Does your horse have problem with the bit?

Is your horse stiff?

Is your horse fast enough?

Is your horse smooth on the straight lines and the curves?

Having problem even in one of the above items could deny you to reach to your dream and waste all the time, money and effort that you have put on this.

If you are ready for a serious solution E-mail me for the details , No matter where you live.


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